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Call for Paper
Vol. 8 Issue 4

Submission Start Date:
Aug 15, 2020

Acceptence Notification Start:
Sep 10, 2020

Submission End:
Sep 20, 2020

Final MenuScript Due:
Sep 30, 2020

Publication Date:
Oct 05, 2020
                         Notice Board: Call for PaperVol. 8 Issue 4      Submission Start Date: Aug 15, 2020      Acceptence Notification Start: Sep 10, 2020      Submission End: Sep 20, 2020      Final MenuScript Due: Sep 30, 2020      Publication Date: Oct 05, 2020

Volume V Issue IV

Author Name
Harshita Kothari, Prof. Ashish Tiwari
Year Of Publication
Volume and Issue
Volume 5 Issue 4
Wireless networks are gaining popularity to its peak nowadays, because the users need wireless connectivity regardless of their geographic position. there's an increasing threat of attacks on the Wireless sensor Network (WSN). Node jamming attack is one in all the security threat within which the traffic is redirected to such a node that really doesn't exist within the network. It’s an analogy to the Jamming within the universe within which things disappear. The node presents itself in such some way to the node that it will attack different nodes and networks knowing that it's the shortest path. WSNs should have a secure approach for transmission and communication that is kind of difficult and very important issue. so as to produce secure communication and transmission, research worker worked specifically on the security problems in WSNs, and lots of secure routing protocols and security measures inside the networks were proposed.

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