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Vol. 9 Issue 1

Submission Start Date:
Jan 15, 2021

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Feb 10, 2021

Submission End:
Feb 20, 2021

Final MenuScript Due:
Feb 28, 2021

Publication Date:
March 05, 2021
                         Notice Board: Call for PaperVol. 9 Issue 1      Submission Start Date: Jan 15, 2021      Acceptence Notification Start: Feb 10, 2021      Submission End: Feb 20, 2021      Final MenuScript Due: Feb 28, 2021      Publication Date: March 05, 2021

Volume VII Issue V

Author Name
Arjun Dixit, Apurva Kukade
Year Of Publication
Volume and Issue
Volume 7 Issue 5
Wireless sensor nodes can be deployed on a battlefield and organize themselves in a large-scale ad-hoc network. Traditional routing protocols do not take into account that a node contains only a limited energy supply. Optimal routing tries to maximize the duration over which the sensing task can be performed, but requires future knowledge. Wireless sensor network is an ad hoc network. Each sensor is defined with limited energy. Wireless sensor node deployed into the network to monitor the physical or environmental condition such as temperature, sound, vibration at different location. Each node collected the information than transmit to the base station. The data is transfer over the network each sensor consume some energy in receiving data, sending data. The lifetime of the network depend how much energy spent in each transmission. The protocol play important roll, which can minimize the delay while offering high energy efficiency and long span of network lifetime. Here we analysed the

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